How Mobile Health Benefits Patients, Service Providers, and Investors

Keshav Jeet

The technological advancements have influenced different pillars of society, especially enterprises. One of the most striking influence of technology has been observed in the healthcare sector, which has enabled new, different ways for patients to avail medical services.

Healthcare services have become way more easily accessible to people these days. All thanks to the mobile health technology that has made these services reach people in just one click.

Mobile health or mHealth, as it is popularly known as, is nothing but a mobile application that is deployed with multiple communications technology. This helps the healthcare amenities to reach people without any geographical restrictions.

From thorough health monitoring to treatment-driven data, the app is an all-in-one solution for patients. Besides the treatment seekers, the mHealth solutions also have multiple benefits to offer to service providers as well as investors.

mHealth Benefits for Patients

It makes patients more independent

There are times when the hospital environment may instill restlessness in patients. Hence, they wish to return home and ensure a better recovery. With the mobile health facility, patients get a chance to get a discharge and manage to be for the serial treatment at the specified date and time without fail.

The technology, therefore, enables elderly citizens to spend most of their time at home. The best thing about the app is that it facilitates better availability of data, leading to improved transitioning between healthcare providers and patients.


It assists in thorough monitoring

For patients who are forgetful, the health technology acts as a caretaker. It helps patients to adhere to the treatment schedule by monitoring the requirements from time to time.

In fact, patients are notified about the next schedule via the mHealth prompts. They are also provided relevant education on how adherence to treatments can be useful and how the discontinuation of the same could be risky.

With the help of the app, patients are able to remain on self-treatment at home. This is made possible by mHealth through the guidelines offered to patients on the platform regarding the use of the complex equipment.

It makes the sessions interactive

With mHealth, patients no more remain passive recipients of treatments given to them. They put efforts and take care of themselves. They also participate in healthcare decision-making, which leads to the development of a few personalized health programmes.

The relationship between patients and doctors is, thus, improved and it no more remains a formal bond.

It keeps patients educated and well-informed

The access to healthcare amenities is fast and easy. The best part is that the patients are trained to use the features. The app keeps patients informed about their disease and treatment measures via social networking sites. It makes sure the patients can access and control their health information as and when made available via electronic health records, etc.

mHealth Benefits for Healthcare Providers

It offers opportunities for the expansion of preventative care

The clinicians via this app can be assured of their patients’ understanding of medical conditions they are suffering from. Starting from the behavioral changes to dietary and lifestyle schedules, the app makes everything easily manageable by healthcare providers.

As already discussed above, the notifications help patients get a reminder of their treatment schedule. The same feature is equally important for the service providers in the healthcare sector. The app alerts and notifications make them sure that their patients will adhere to the regimes.

The advanced tracking and visualization tools enable doctors to make relevant analyses of treatment indicators. The app helps them in analyzing the current trends and patterns of the healthcare industry, and thereby, takes valid decisions based on their inferences.

It ensures data accuracy

The clinical practitioners get a chance to access more complete information about a patient’s health and also know the complete case history in just one click.

This, in turn, makes taking better decisions easy as the data comes handy. The medical reporting error is minimal when the service providers are using the mHealth solutions.

It makes coordinating hassle-free

When it is about treating patients, it’s teamwork. In fact, in cases where more than one physician is involved, having proper coordination is of utmost importance. The mobile health app makes communication and coordination between physicians easy. They get an opportunity to exchange data on safer platforms with other healthcare units.

The data stored in the electronic health records become the central database having extreme reliability. Hence, all doctors can view the status of the patients’ treatment and their recovery.

It makes patient interaction easy

While an interactive app or platform makes patients comfortable and responsible, it is equally effective for healthcare providers as well. This is because they get a chance to make their patients the participants in the whole process.

In addition, they receive their valuable feedback on the services provided, which ultimately helps them to improve and be better with every feedback received.

It extends the reach of the service providers

With only the physical approach, geographical bindings are a major hurdle. With mHealth, there is no boundary so far as the reach of the service providers is concerned. They can communicate and deal with any part of the world no matter if it is a rural corner or a metro city. They can easily monitor patients residing in even the remotest areas of the globe.

mHealth Benefits for Investors

It offers relief from funding pressure

A physical medical unit requires sufficient fund to be built and run. With mHealth, the cost is cut drastically as you no more need to spend much on the maintenance and take care of the hospitals and the equipment used.

As a result, the central funding pressure reduces to a huge extent. The mobile health facilities offer a less formal medical unit, which is a big financial relief for investors.

With the help of the app, in fact, the hospital admission rates get reduced as the malfunctioning in the body is detected quite early and the treatment begins at home.

It facilitates better planning

The planning is efficiently done and thereby the results are effective and productive when you use mHealth apps. The resource planning and the cost analysis are done at the earliest so that the investors get a clear-cut idea of the expenditure to be made.

The emergency aid and treatment facilities are enhanced so that the person is treated even before he/she reaches the hospital.

In addition, the cost burden is minimized as the chronic diseases are cured way before they take drastic turns. Hence, planning doesn’t only lead to productive results but also help patients remain in a hassle-free treatment environment.


The above benefits that mobile health offers to different groups of people in healthcare consolidates the need of using apps in healthcare. Using mHealth saves both time and effort of the people involved — including patients, service providers, and investors.

Today’s patients are more than willing to adopt apps in healthcare as they seek a better treatment experience where they have more visibility and control. Investors and healthcare service provider are beginning to realize how transformative mobile health can be. Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts if you have more questions.


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