What Healthcare Providers and Patients Can Expect from Telemedicine

Robby Gupta

Technology and innovation are transforming healthcare. Telemedicine is one such revolutionary invention that has enabled patients to save a huge amount of money and time. This is evident by a study of Nemours Children’s Health System presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference which stated that patients saved nearly $50 in travel costs and recovered in under an hour or so with the help of mobile technology utilized for sports medicinal purposes.

While patients were able to cut their costs and improve their health faster, healthcare providers also benefited from the system. They were able to reduce the per patient appointment cost by nearly $24. Another research by the University of California Davis shows that telemedicine resulted in over $100 savings in costs and reduced the time for recuperation.

Telemedicine is commonly utilized for childhood ailments like the cold or flu but we want to understand its effects on more specialty treatment like sports medicine, says Alfred Atanda Jr., who led the Nemours study.

The healthcare system is rapidly expanding and the providers are focusing on delivering quality care and satisfaction to their patients. Telemedicine comes in as a handy tool to increase patient satisfaction and reduce the medicinal costs for both the patients and the clinicians.

How telemedicine benefits the healthcare system

A Software Advice survey showed that 75% of the respondents were willing to try telemedicine. It may have been limited for decades but today, the growing involvement of patients in technological healthcare has opened doors for telemedicine. With the help of high-speed internet connections and mobile devices, patients can reach their doctors anytime they want, get a proper consultation through video conferencing, and take advantage of mobile medicine help.

Some of the major benefits of telemedicine are:

  1. 1. Reduction in transportation costs

With telemedicine solutions, there is no need for patients to physically visit the doctor’s premises and get a consultation. By meeting your doctor on mobile or laptop, patients can save money on parking, gas, and public transportation. On the other hand, doctors are able to save on appointment costs which were nearly double in earlier models of healthcare. Along with transportation costs, the risk of emergency cases is reduced a lot which takes time to reach the hospital due to traffic jams and makes the condition of the patient worse. If you have an appointment during the work day, you can just switch to the internet-connected device from your workplace and then get back to work, everything can be done without you ever leaving the office.

2. Healthcare on demand

Telemedicine has made receiving appropriate treatment on time easier. Now patients can connect with their doctors using video conferencing and get a consultation from anywhere. If they are unable to connect to a doctor but need mobile medicinal care, there are a variety of on-demand options that enable them to get access to superior medical care whenever they want. Although there may be limited doctors for particular diseases, a prescription can be received from the on-demand service doctor for tackling the problem. Today, some insurance companies have also started to cover for telemedicine care because of its viability for every healthcare professional.

3. Mitigate child & elder care problems

Caring for children and adults can sometimes be challenging. When you want to visit the doctor, leaving elders and children can be a problem so you have to switch to other care options which can result in huge expenses. You can also not bring them to the doctor visit because elder sometimes get irritated specialty and children can create problems and hinder the care delivery process. With the help of telemedicine solutions, you can consult your doctor from home while carrying on with your family responsibilities. You do not have to worry about elder & child care options before visiting the doctor and they can easily carry on their work while you get a prescription from the doctor.

4. Get consultation from specialists

There are unfortunate times when a patient might suffer from a disease that needs special attention and advice from a specialist. Looking for a specialist can be time-consuming and the patient may have to drive long-distances for visiting the expert doctor. With the help of telemedicine, you can leverage technology to get treatment actions from a specialist who is not accessible. Some health issues can be serious and demand immediate action from a specialist which can be attained using telemedicine. Patients can now reach the experts anytime and understand the cause of their problems which cannot be addressed by their local physicians. When it comes to health problems, patients must understand that they should not seek the expertise of the closest doctor but of those who can provide them with the best solution.

5. Improved overall health

The major benefit of telemedicine solutions is an improvement in the overall health of the patients. They can see their doctors anytime they want and mitigate any challenges they face in their health from any place they want. People can practice better lifestyle and adopt healthy living choices by constantly keeping in touch with their doctors. You have fewer chances of getting sick in waiting rooms as you can easily meet your doctor online and eliminate the tedious task of waiting in line and rooms for getting an appointment with the doctor. You can be accountable for your health with easy and regular check-ups which gives you a proper evaluation of your health at regular intervals. This results in improving your overall health as you now feel secure with your doctor just a click away.

Bottom Line

From a common cold to pregnancies, telemedicine solutions have come across as a revolutionary technology for all aspects of health. People can get quick and better health care delivery whenever they demand. Doctors are also encouraging telemedicine as they don’t have to deal with a huge amount of patients at the physical premises.

Thus, mobility in medicine is one of the major technological breakthroughs in the healthcare sector. TechJini is a leading telemedicine solutions provider that specializes in transforming patient care and delivery. Get in touch with us today and increase your patient satisfaction with superior care delivery solutions.

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