Revolutionize patient engagement by leveraging the power of bots!

Choose a bot – Stay informed!

Gone are the days when you had to wait hours on end to consult a doctor. Technology has brought us to a new realm of speed and efficiency, even in healthcare.

And now the era of bots has arrived. Bots are providing conversational and personalized healthcare experiences round the clock. What’s more? Bots provide you with consistent wellness updates and give you complete control on your overall health. An active relationship with healthcare providers helps patients improve their overall health, creates awareness on their current condition, and provides a streamlined service.

Enable effective communication by using bots

Graphical user interfaces provide one-way communication and require long navigating menus and only speak computer language. Bots provide two-way communication based on your text or voice input and understand your need to provide you with the required information, securely in compliance with health-care standards and regulations.

Increase engagement with patients

Patient engagement plays a major role in solving cost-related problems and in improving customer services. Bots help customers in engaging with their healthcare providers regardless of the time, location and device. TechJini provides modern digital strategy with multi-channel integration simplified with interoperability for a seamless experience between channels and devices.

Adopt a well-crafted digital strategy

Upon understanding your needs, TechJini provides a foolproof digital strategy. Our bots are employed with multi-channel integration for healthcare providers to empower their patients. They provide the required information, have the capability to resolve issues, shows real-time health records through a simple conversation.

There are several benefits of employing Bots in Health care!

Have a doubt? Start a conversation with a bot and get quick and efficient answers
Schedule appointments in just one click
Track your patients progress and provide feedback
Send notifications for prescription refills
Alert care teams of urgent emergencies
Get the benefit of sending and receiving referrals
Update medical record systems with patients recent medical diagnosis
Inform hospital staff when a patient needs immediate care
Seamlessly exchange data from different health systems
Automate data entry process

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