The healthcare industry is quickly realizing the importance of leveraging raw data to extract relevant insights. At TechJini, we have acquired tremendous expertise in building a wide range of predictive analytics and deep analytics solutions, designed specifically for the healthcare industry, so you can make quick and informed decisions.

Our experienced analytics experts harness their extensive knowledge of latest technologies to choose the right tools and devise the right approach to build the perfect analytics solutions for your company that are compliant with HIPAA & FDA regulations.

Benefits of Adopting Advanced Analytics in Healthcare

Implementing analytics solutions reduces the risk of patient data loss. Since there is only one point of data access, you can choose who you want to provide access to.
Utilizing advanced analytics solutions in healthcare sector can provide useful insights required to lower overall costs, boost organization revenue and enhance patient security and business outcomes.
Healthcare providers benefit from obtaining critical insights into their financial operations; they can oversee cash flow and identify which services are currently profitable
Advanced analytics helps hospitals and physicians improve patient care. Patient’s illness and health issues can easily be identified using health analytics and prompt, effective actions can be taken.
With advanced analytics solutions, doctors can analyze and monitor patient’s health and predict patient diagnoses.

Our Data Analytics Services & Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare Analytics Consulting

Our experts work with customers to closely monitor existing data and identify pain points. Then we utilize a strategic approach to provide the right analytics solutions

Solution Development

Based on the needs of healthcare providers, we help them to choose the right technology and platform and then we develop a highly secure and robust analytics solution.

Data Visualization

With our data visualization solutions, we help our providers look beyond the numbers. They can easily measure patient related information, engagement analytics, re-admissions and get AI enabled suggestions on how to improve patient inflow and physician efficiency.

Testing & Support

Before we deliver analytics solutions our testing team performs a thorough test of every module to make sure it is performing well. Our support and maintenance team helps clients optimize analytics and improve performance, thereby reducing cost and obtaining desired results.

According to an Allied Market Research report, the global mobile health market is expected to grow annually at a rate of 33.5% between 2015 and 2020. Early adoption of new technologies in healthcare will provide the better outcomes for the patient’s and improve the hospital and physicians efficiency.

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TechJini Inc. is a leading development company in India & New Jersey .We prioritize customer satisfaction and enable organizations to innovate and succeed. We always ensure timely project completion and delivery of meaningful business outcomes outcomes for companies we partner with.

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