Medical IT consulting Services

Backed with over 10+ years experience in providing custom healthcare IT solutions and advising reputed health organizations, TechJini offers personalized healthcare IT consulting services to create productive and secure digital health environments.

Based on your challenges and a thorough initial assessment, our industrially accomplished health IT consultants plan and strategize different ways your healthcare organization can leverage latest technologies for better and positive health outcomes and an efficient workflow management.

Over the years, TechJini has helped many Fortune pharmacy and hospital chains, drug retailers, reputed pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies worldwide not only in framing effective healthcare IT solutions but also developing the same.

Our Custom Health IT Solutions To Trounce Your Complex Challenges

Different health organizations face different challenges. We get it. One size doesn’t fit all.

Based in New York and New Jersey, TechJini is one of the top consultants of IT solutions for healthcare.

Whether the challenge is to improve patient-engagement or reduce IT costs or optimize workflows or enhance provider-patient interaction or protect PHI or solving any other complex issue, we provide custom and the most cost-effective solutions to overcome it.

Our approach to Medical IT consulting involves setting up a powerful special team which involves top IT professionals, healthcare experts, seasoned business managers, UI/UX designers etc. who work solely for your project and recommend the best possible solutions to your problems.

Some of our notable and well-received solutions include

  • Modernize Health IT systems

    As the security risks posed by traditional legacy systems increase day by day, the updation of healthcare applications has become an absolute necessity. After evaluating your current environment and dependencies, We help you in modernizing your healthcare IT systems in the most cost-effective, risk-free and convenient way possible.

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  • Health Application Development

    As a certified Google developer agency, we develop powerful mHealth applications for hospitals, patients, health insurers, pharmacy chains etc. Based on your requirements, our proficient healthcare app developers and designers build a robust health application which is compliant with HIPAA, FDA and other governmental acts or regulations (if under purview).

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  • Custom Healthcare Software Development

    Since we believe that pre-packaged softwares don’t meet the unique requirements of each organization, we create reliable and custom medical softwares to enhance the overall care quality and drive improved health outcomes.

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  • Patient Engagement Software Solutions

    We help providers to conveniently engage, educate and collaborate with patients using our next-generation technological and software solutions. Our tailor-made patient engagement applications have helped healthcare companies to effectively manage chronic diseases, reduce readmission rates, increase automation and finally cut costs.

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  • Medical Devices Software Development

    We develop safe and FDA compliant medical devices. After working closely with your internal team, we create high quality and secure Class I, II and III medical device applications. Not just the traditional medical devices, if the situation demands, we help you in developing connected medical devices (IoMT) too.

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  • Support, Maintenance and Updation

    Technology is ever-changing and constantly updating. After deploying our application(s) into your ecosystem, we assign a special support team who monitor and ensure the smooth functioning of the software. We also update the software based on the changing technological trends and the userbase feedback.

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