mHealth App Design and Development

Due to their affordability, availability and portability of smart devices, health apps provide numerous opportunities. Mobile applications can solve a myriad complex problems for healthcare providers. Depending on your objectives and requirements, our expert team of health app developers in New York and New Jersey thoughtfully partner with you to build the ideal application solutions.

Our Medical Health App Development Services

Hospital Apps

Empower your staff with the right healthcare applications to create hassle-free and time saving workflows and a much tighter in-hospital network.

After assessing your needs and reviewing your physicians’ workflows, our team of mobile health app developers create customized health applications which meet your needs and enhance the staff productivity.

We are one of the only few top mHealth app development companies in New York and New Jersey, who specialize in developing multi-purpose or focussed healthcare applications.

We build applications for different departments, user and function types and all the stages of patient care life cycle.

Patient Apps

Track, monitor and engage your patients conveniently by equipping them with secure mobile health solutions. We specialize in delivering customized technologies to ensure positive patient outcomes.

We build bespoke health applications which enhance patient engagement, reduce the communication gap between healthcare providers and patients and promote a hassle-free doctor-patient interaction system.

Our solutions will be always compliant with HIPAA, FDA and other governmental regulations. This helps us in delivering high quality and extremely secure patient apps.

Pharmacy apps

Whether it’s for the hospital or ambulatory care or industrial purposes, our team of experienced pharmacy app developers build robust mobile solutions which suit your requirements.

Wearable apps

Based in New York, Our mHealth developers team hold proficient experience in creating next-generation wearable apps on multiple platforms. Be it iOS or Android or Windows, TechJini helps you in creating top-notch wearable apps.

Since a wearable app is different from a traditional smartphone one, we dedicate a specialized design team for your needs. This team assists you in creating a powerful yet minimalistic app design for the maximum end-user experience.

Health and Fitness apps

TechJini develops user-friendly, secure and creative health & fitness apps. After a thorough vetting of the app’s ideation and scrutinizing your goals, we deploy our seasoned team of health & fitness app developers to start the app development process.

The team not only builds a robust app but also provides an on-going support to tackle any issues and ensure smooth app functioning.

Our years of experience in providing bespoke fitness mobile app development solutions for various Fortune healthcare players in and around New York and New Jersey has established as pioneers in the industry.

Mobile Medical Devices

When it comes to developing mobile medical devices, TechJini is compliant with FDA, IEC 62304, ISO 14971 and other governmental standards. Whether it is for iOS or Android or Windows TechJini designs and develops innovative and high-quality mobile medical device applications on all platforms.

Our seasoned experts understand the FDA regulations proficiently and know how to create a secure and safe medical device in the most cost-effective and shortest time possible.

Different Platforms for different purposes

Based on your requirements and existing systems, we build the best suited mHealth solutions on these platforms.

  • iOS

    With an emphasis on quality, we at Techjini leverage the power of emerging technologies to build beautiful mHealth iPhone and iPad applications.

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  • Android

    Being one of the top Android development companies, we blend in experience and expertise to deliver world-class healthcare Android applications.

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  • Windows

    We deliver custom Windows healthcare applications that can are secure and reliable. Our team of mhealth app developers will take your idea and transform it into a feature-rich Windows solution.

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  • Cross Platform

    We excel in developing killer healthcare mobile solutions on any platform, any device, meeting any requirement

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