Medical Device Software Solutions

Our expert team of medical device software developers are proficient in creating secure and copper-bottomed class I, II and III medical devices. After assessing your design and development needs, we help you in developing custom medical softwares as quickly as possible.

Our 11+ years experience in this space has allowed us to develop medical devices in the most cost-effective way possible.

Being one of the top medical device software development companies, We understand the significance of aligning the software according to FDA regulations and strategize our approach accordingly.

Our innovative ways of developing custom medical device softwares have helped numerous healthcare clients in getting the FDA approval in the shortest time.

Mobile Medical Devices

As one of the only few certified Google developer agencies in the world, TechJini is a pioneer in bringing medical device softwares into the mobile world.

TechJini is a medical device software development company in New York and New Jersey with over 200 mHealth app developers who build bespoke mobile medical devices on these three platforms/areas:

iOS Medical Device App Development
Android Medical Device App Development
Windows Medical Device App Development

All our applications are compliant with HIPAA, FDA and any other relevant regulations (if under purview)

We do cross-platform development too!

Iot For Medical Devices

The future of healthcare lies in connected care. And, the IoT is predicted to revolutionize the functioning of the healthcare industry.

TechJini is one of the top IoT healthcare companies based in New York and New Jersey that not only develops traditional medical devices but also creates next-generation customized IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) solutions which can connect with your existing IT systems.

Backed with years of experience in creating unique IoT healthcare solutions, TechJini offers the following bespoke solutions:

Remote patient monitoring with IoT healthcare applications
Wearable mobile health devices for providers and patients
Customized connected medical devices
And many other tailor-made IoT solutions.