Patient Engagement solutions

The importance of patient engagement in healthcare is rapidly increasing. A robust patient engagement system leads to an improved communication between patients and providers, better self-management of chronic diseases, reduced healthcare costs, positive population health outcomes etc. The advantages are limitless.

TechJini leverages latest technologies and softwares to develop dynamic and custom patient engagement solutions for hospital and pharmacy chains, clinics, ACOs, diagnostic centers and various other healthcare players.

Our Strategy To Build Patient Engagement Solutions

Building a custom patient engagement solution starts with developing a robust strategy. Our Business and technical experts conduct exhaustive workshops which includes but not limited to internal surveys to identify your the key pain-points of all the stake holders.

Based on the observations, we create a customized strategy and recommend the best suited software solutions to your needs.

Some of our solutions include…

Custom Mobile Application Development For Healthcare

With over 10+ years experience in developing custom mobile applications and extensive expertise in the healthcare industry, TechJini is a top health app development company in New York and New Jersey. We offer end-to-end mobility solutions for enhancing patient engagement.

We are a certified Google Developer Agency which designs and develops patient-friendly and risk-free mobile health applications with stunning yet simplistic UI/UX designs.

Organizations are using our healthcare application development services to:

Bridge the communication gap and enable convenient information sharing between patients and providers
Remote patient monitoring and consultations
Allow patients to self track and monitor their conditions
Create and manage hasslefree appointment-setting procedures.
Solve many other complex health care challenges
We develop customized health applications which are compliant with HIPAA, FDA and other governmental acts (if under purview)

Custom Medical Web Design And Development & Patient Portals

We provide custom and HIPAA compliant healthcare web design and development services to healthcare organizations.

As we already know that ready-to-deploy healthcare web applications won’t address the individual requirements of each organization, we design and develop patient portals and engagement tools tailored to your needs.

Over the years, our expert web developers have built bespoke healthcare websites with customized patient portals and cross-functional web applications.

Some notable features of our patient portals and personalized medical websites include:

Hassle free and round-the-clock access to EHRs for patients
Secure and instant messaging for both providers and patients
Integration of social media
Appointment set-up and scheduling
Medication refill options
And many other custom features